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My name is Samantha Dernini Sabbadini I was born in Milan and after a degree in law and having practiced for years in my dad's law firm, I got married to Pierandrea, a fantastic husband, I had Alex and Tali  two very nice daughters. 

For some years I collaborated in a fashion showroom in Milan, and subsequently I collaborated with some fashion brands.

After all this… one spring day, unexpectedly and absolutely suddenly for me too, I decide to create  my first line of skirts only. 

Only Skirts? But why only skirts? You may wonder! Because I have always been fascinated by elegance and attention to detail, by the pleasure of receiving  always many friends at home.

But how  receive at home without being too elegant but not too sporty. With a nice skirt, I love long and very short skirts with shirts and high heels.

But what does the name OnSamiTable have to do with skirts? I didn't want to use my name  and for months I couldn't name the collection. One evening, after a long day of work at dinner at Cipriani in Montecarlo, my absolute favorite restaurant, a friend tells me: "but you already have the name, call your #OnSamiTable skirts as  your beautiful tables that you always publish on instagram and for which you are already known "and that very evening, the instagram profile @OnSamiTableSkirt was born.

But the story isn't over yet, we absolutely needed a logo to represent me. Creating the logo wasn't easy. First I sent some drawings to my mom who draws beautifully I wanted a cross between Grace Kelly, in her wonderful full skirt dresses  and the mythical little dwarves of Fiorucci.

In the end she was born, my beloved little woman OnSamiTable who represents me a lot  is that  I change according to the occasion.

One last thing about this project of mine. Yes, all OnSamiTable models have a female name. A trivia, you will think !.

No, not at all!

This is because I had the support of all my dear friends,  many,  who have supported, inspired, advised, lent me  the preferred model of skirt, and above all they have purchased, some long, some short, some with flounces, some narrow, some with a dizzying slit, some better two that don't hurt so much, who is never too short, some not pleated that it makes me bigger  who take them all that you never know…. 

Many friends and a lot of work and many skirts made between  laughter, chatter, colorful fabrics, sometimes more than a showroom it felt like being in a chicken coop.

First of all obviously Francy and the model dedicated to her, inseparable at all times, then Monica, Baby, Robi, Miriam, Madda, Sandrina, Malu ', Ada… Marty, Ilia and many many others to whom I must say Thanks.

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